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Racing the long distance needs special birds of blue blood, bred to fly all day in any weather, for this reason I purchased the very finest Dutch long distance blood from the distance matador, Ton Bollebakker of Laren and right away they show their class

Indy the national winner


This family of pigeons is a blend of the finest Dutch long distance blood of the last 50 years, Jan Aarden, Van Geels, Delbar, Cattrysse etc. Very intelligent and strong pigeons with a fantastic turn of speed, all you need to win at the highest levels.


Latest news

Congratulations to Kev Whitham!! 2nd Open Scottish YB National with a descendant of my superstar "Indy". Kev has other birds in the top 20 too. Great flying Kev, hopefully 1 better next year!

Latest Results

This year has been a difficult one for us all and my biggest mistake was preparing my main team for Tarbes NFC. My birds performed well in most all the training races including good combine positions, but nothing really mattered once the NFC decided on the disasterous liberation which needlessly ruined many top pigeons. A hard lesson learned and when you lose the trust for the organisation I dont think there is any way back. What next?? We shall have to wait and see but I dont think it will involve the NFC.


New Introductions

My loft is based around the wonderful family of pigeons created by the distance matador Ton Bollebakker, a friend and long distance master. Coupled with these are the Lazeroms Aardens of Cees Luykx. This Netherlands Barcelona National winning legend had the finest team of birds I have ever seen. After his untimely death all his birds were sold on PIPA but thankfully I had bought from the best he had before this time.

Supplementing this are the finest long distance birds of Anne Bruinsma and the  have been introduced. These are the finest Van Geels, capable of performing over 830 miles from Barcelona, Europes most prestigious race.

Also last winter I was fortunate to buy a stunning pair of Van Geels that are the parents of 1st NPO Teletext Bergerac, who in turn is the g/sire of 9th Prov and 1st teletext Bordeaux!! Very tough pigeons for long hot races, you dont find thse pairs very often. Pictures of them are in the 'pigeons' menu and then 'top breeders'


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